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Udawalawe Nature-wilderness Park - Udawalawe
Nature-wilderness Udawalawe National Park


No. 1 – "Ath Athuru Sevana"

Travel Time:      -  5 minute drive.
Description         - The Elephant Transit Home, since its inception in 1995, has helped care for dozens of injured, sick, or orphaned baby elephants from all over Sri Lanka. Visitors to the home are able to observe an animated group of around 20 or 30 juvenile and teenage pachyderms, who are fed four times a day. The resident animals are looked after until they are deemed fit enough to be released back into the wild, after which they are closely monitored for investigational purposes, as well as their own safety.

NO. 2 - Traditional Citronella Oil Distillation Plant - Katuwana

 Travel Time       - Approximately 40 min
 Distance           - 25 Km
 Description       :-

 Place where Citronella oil is distillated in a traditional way. Plants are almost thirty years old.    


NO. 3 – Maduwanwala Walauwa

 Travel Time       - Approximately 01 hour
 Distance            - 33 km
 Description         :-

Maduwanwela Walauwa was originally built in 1700 by Maduwanwela Maha Mohottala.    It was also known as Burutha Maligawa. House was completed
by Sir  James William Maduwanwela Maha Dissawa in 1095.


NO. 4 – Panamura Elephant Kraal

Travel Time       - Approximately 45 Minutes
Distance           -  22 km
Description       -  This was assumed to be built with the kalukandawa mountain range in Panamura village.


No. 5 – Katuwana Dutch Fort

Travel Time       -  Approximately 45 Minutes
Distance           -  30 Km
Discretion         - The most interior Dutch Fort in the Island was built in 1645 to defend the low  country from the invasions from the kingdom of Kandy  


No. 6 – Coir Mill

Travel Time       - Approximately 01 hour
Distance           - 33 km
Discretion         - Coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, etc.

NO. 7 – Mulgirigala Temple

Travel Time       - Approximately 01 hour
Distance           -  48 Km

Description       - Mulgiriga rock monastery, with its remarkable history & unrivalled setting is a prime destination. The monastery has a great historical significance dating back to 2nd century B.C.


NO. 8 – Blow Hole (Hummanaya)

Travel Time       -  Approximately 01 hour & 15 minutes
Distance           -  65 Km

Description       - This is the Dickwella Blow-hole located in Mawella, a small town in Dickwella. This feature is completely natural where sea spray due to the high water pressure sprays through a blowhole up to sometimes 40 to 50 feet high.


NO. 9 -  Tangalle Beach

Travel Time:      -  Approximately 01 hour
Distance           -   58 Km
Description       - Golden sandy beach situated in Tangalle. An ideal place for relax and safe sea bathing. Beach is lined by swaying coconut palms.


No. 10 – Turtle Farm, Rekawa

Travel Time:      -  Approximately 01 hour          
Distance           -  56 km
Description       - There are seven species of turtles in the world. Five out of seven  species of turtles come to Rekawa beach throughout the year.


Udawalawe Village Udawalawe-Elephant-Transit-Home
Udawalawe Village Elephant Transit Home
Elephant orphanage


No. 11 – Ussangoda National Park

Travel Time:      -  Approximately 01 hour & 15 minutes
Distance           -  58 km
Description         - Ussangoda is a patch of high ground by the sea and spreads over a significant area.


No. 12 – Hambanthota Port

Travel Time       -  Approximately 01 hour & 15 mins
Distance           -  45 Km
Description       - The Port of Hambantota is a maritime port in Hambantota.


NO. 13 – Hot Water Springs, Madunagala

Time Duration   -  Approximately 45 Minutes
Mileage             -  25 Km
Description       - Madunagala Hot Springs are a wonderful creation of nature in all its natural beauty. Historically, these hot springs flowed into a natural water hole.


NO. 14 – Viharagala Temple 

Travel Time       -  Approximately 45 minutes
Distance           -  25 km

Description       - A construction site where the largest reclining Buddha statue in the world will be built. The length of the Statue will be 378 inches and the height will be 98 inches.

NO. 15 – Tissamaharama Temple

Travel Time:      -  Approximately One hour
Distance           -  64 km

Description       - Thissa maharama Dageba was built  by King Kavantissa in the 3rd century. It was the largest Dageba in the island at the time.


NO. 16 – Kiriwehera, Kataragama

Travel Time       -  Approximately 02 hours
Distance           -  85 km

Description         - Kiri Veherais an ancient Stupa situated in Kataragama built by King Mahasena.


No.17 Kataragama Dewalaya

Travel Time:      -  Approximately 02 hours
Distance           -  85 km   

Description       - Kataragamam temple is a Hindu and Buddhist temple complex dedicated to Skanda-Murukan also known as Kataragamadevio.


NO. 18 – Sella Kataragama

Travel Time:      -  Approximately 02 hours & 15 mins
Distance           -  90 km

Description    - Located 5km from Kataragama is the small town of Sella Kataragama.


NO. 19 – Sithupawwa

Travel Time       -  Approximately 02 hours & 30 mins
Distance           -  88 km

Description     - Situlpawwa rock temple with a history of over 2200 years is one of the significant Buddhist sites built in the 2nd Century BC. It has a stunning setting.

NO.19 – Kirinda

Travel Time:      -  Approximately 02 hours & 30 min
Distance           -  90 km

Description        - Kirinda is a small but beautiful village on the southern coast of Sri Lanka close to Kataragama.



Udawalawe Village